12 Best Screen Recorder Software You Must Have on Windows

Screen capture makes it easier for you to showcase everything which you’re doing on your PC. For gamers, you can easily be able to share your gameplay on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. For a professional, you can make tutorials which you can later share to your audience using any of the available online forums.

Therefore, it’s ideal getting to ascertain that you can comprehend as to which screen recording software(free download link) will be ideal. Through this, you can know which will be fit for professional use and also one which might favor a gamer. Below is a detailed guide on some of the best screen recording software for Windows.


1. Camtasia Studio

As a professional, you have to ascertain that all the content you need to share can easily be captured. Therefore, you’ll have to look for a Windows screen recorder which can make your work easier. With Camtasia Studio, you attain a quality tool which can easily capture your PC’s display and later convert it into a quality video. More so, you get to have the capability of capturing your face alongside the video you’re recording on your PC.

So doing ensures that you can share more content with your audience. Besides, you can as well link your PC microphone to the content you’re capturing with Camtasia Studio. When on calls, you’ll also have the option for recording any VoIP calls be it from Skype or any other online services. Camtasia has the simplest user interface which you can easily learn. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting your way around.

However, it’s not all beds and roses with Camtasia Studio, one of the disadvantages of using Camtasia is that you can’t schedule any automatic updates.


2. OBS Studio

For a new user, OBS might feel a bit mysterious. However, with the guidance available, you can easily find your way around and discern some of the things you ought to do first. When doing it live, you do find that it might be intimidating when mixing sources. Therefore, to avoid this, it’s ideal getting to ensure that you can learn more about the software before you go live. Through this, you can ensure that everything will be in the best conditions.

More so, since the software is frequently updated, you’ll always attain new features — all which make it easier to use and also touch up the interface. With the new elements, you can always get to know what you need for your streams and also select some of the best servers for streaming. OBS is ideal for any gamer, be it a professional or an amateur. With OBS, you can stream your content on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and any other online forums.

As stated earlier, the only downside to using OBS is the lack of enough help. Having the available guides the first time you load the software isn’t enough for most people.


3. BB Flashback Express

One of the things which make Flashback the best software is the user experience. Whenever you download and install software, you need it to be something you can understand easily. With Flashback Express, this is exactly what you obtain. It might not be feature packed like OBS, but you get to have an interface which will make your streaming easier. More so, as a new user, you won’t be intimidated by the interface.

Nonetheless, Flashback Express provides you with the ability to customize your resolutions. Through this, you can record content in any resolution and make it unique for your audience. When streaming games, you can know the frame rates of the game, thus being able to tweak the settings to have the best gameplay. Therefore, you won’t have to record content which isn’t up to par with what you’d want.

Using the free version of BB Flashback Express will limit you to some of the premium features which are available. This is the only disadvantage for those who might want to use the software. You’ll have to pay the premium or forfeit the features.


4. Ezvid

Ezvid is suitable for professionals and individuals alike. It allows you to place the videos you record easily. More so, the interface is easy to use. This is a must for any recording software which you might consider. Therefore, with the Ezvid interface, you’ll be able to set keyboard shortcuts — all which will allow you to have some hotkeys which you can toggle when recording to add some spice to your content.

Besides, you get a small widget with the software whenever you’re recording. The widget allows you to pause, stop or even continue recording. Therefore, you always can record the content you want. This will ensure that you don’t get to spend much time editing. More so, even if you choose to edit, you won’t have to throw away a lot of content. Nonetheless, this might come in handy when creating tutorial videos since you can have everything properly planned out.

However, with every software, you need to know about the limitations. The most disturbing problem with Ezvid is that you only get to record up to 45 minutes only. More so, you can’t hide the recording widget.


5. TinyTake


If you consider using TinyTake, you have to ensure that you do create an account when downloading the software. With this, you’ll be able to store all your videos online thus being able to ensure that they’re always safe and accessible from anywhere. With TinyTake, you not only have the ability of recording content but also capturing still images. To some, this is the ideal replacement for the Windows snipping tool.

More so, you can take advantage of the cloud storage to upload any files from your Windows PC. Some of the features that you can enjoy with TinyTake is the ability to manually selecting the area on your PC monitor which you want to record. Nonetheless, TinyTake can easily be integrated with your microphone and webcam to create even better tutorials for your audience.

Amongst the limitations, however, is the misleading nature of the editor. You don’t get the best indication on how to best make use of the editor. More so, with the free version, you don’t have any annotations.


6. TalkHelper Screen Recorder

Nowadays, gaming is something which people get to do from time to time. As a PC gamer, you might need to showcase your skills and get to teach people some tips on how to play. Therefore, to accomplish this, you need a screen recorder which can ascertain that you always can record all your content. With TalkHelper, you can always ensure that you capture your games and also stream them whenever you want.

More so, with the simple user interface, you’ll easily be able to find your way around. You get the ability of editing videos before you upload. Thus being able to ensure that your content can be error-free. Nonetheless, as a professional, you can make tutorials easily with the available plugins for microphone and a webcam. Through this, you can always make it easier for your audience to follow what you’re sharing.

Having 24-hour online support is essential, that’s the only thing which you lack with TalkHelper. You’ll rarely be able to attain any aid on the weekends.


7. ShareX

Some Windows users take time before they upgrade their operating system. If you’re using Windows 7, ShareX is the best screen recording software for you. More so, you can use it with Windows 10 or 8. There are lots of benefits when you use ShareX, one of them being that you can always choose the part of the screen which you want to capture. Therefore, if you have any other irrelevant material on your screen, you can opt to have it out of your screen capture.

Nonetheless, the available menus make it easier for you to navigate the software. Having both the window and monitor menu will make customization easier for you. With the window menu, you can choose the sizes which you want the capture window to be. Likewise, the monitor menu is ideal in knowing the FPS which will be ideal to capture and also the best resolution.

When setting up custom uploaders, you might have a tough time. You don’t have any clear aid on how you need to conduct this process from the software. By having proprietary upload scripts, the process can be easier.


8. Debut Video Capture

Debut is one of the few screen recorders which offers more than a user needs. With Debut, you’ll be able to take advantage of a ton of features which will make your screen recording easier and faster. More so, editing the captured videos will be a simple task which can be conducted by a novice or even a professional. For a professional tutor, Debut will be of assistance since you can record presentations from PowerPoint or any online forum. Nonetheless, the integration of the microphone and webcam will make the videos unique.

On the other hand, for a gamer, Debut might be an ideal solution for recording games and streaming them online. You always can be able to customize the resolution to your liking — all which will ensure that you’re contented and also get to have up to 4K quality. Uploading such content on Facebook and YouTube will gain you a larger following.

The disadvantages of using Debut is the lack of in-built editing software. Even though you’ll have an easier time editing, you’ll have to download VideoPad, software that goes hand in hand with Debut.


9. Bandicam

Recording gameplay has never been easier. Bandicam provides players with the best tools for ensuring that they share every moment of their games. As a PC gamer, this is the software you need in projecting your play styles. Besides, it’ll make it easier for you to create a forum which people can watch your content and get to share their thoughts on it. Through this, you can grow and learn on how you can create better videos with time.

Besides, Bandicam ensures that you can record up to 120 FPS in all games. With this, you have content which can be easily played back in high-end screens and ensure that you have an easier time when editing your videos. The higher the frame rates, the easier it will be for your viewers to enjoy your gameplay.

However, you’ll find that when you’re in the Game Recording mode, you can’t record any other content on your screen. You only get to record the games. If you exit this mode, you can continue your recording. Nonetheless, with the ability to record high-quality videos, you’ll need to have some additional space to store the content.


10. Adobe Presenter Video Express

One of the reasons as to why you might choose Adobe Presenter is the ease of use. You get a quick and easy software which can record any content on your computer. Besides, it has an inbuilt video editor. Thus being able to make your work easier and ensure that you can edit the videos to the length you like. The available keyboard shortcuts make the experience better since you can start, pause and stop your recordings with a simple click.

The amazing feature with Adobe Presenter is that whenever you press stop, it automatically opens the editor. Therefore, you’ll always complete editing the video before you close the software. So doing makes it easier for you to export your content and upload it immediately to an online forum like YouTube or Facebook. With the editor, you can cut any unwanted footage and also insert additional videos.

Some of the shortcomings of Adobe Presenter include the lack of audio support. You can’t record your audio or even capturing the audio from your PC.


11. Smartpixel

Smartpixel has one of the simplest user interfaces in the bunch. Whenever you open the software, all you find is Editor, Recorder, and Webcam. Through this, you can choose what you’d like to do and begin the process. With the recorder option, you’re able to make use of the software to capture content on your screen. There’s a red circle which you click on, and the recording begins. Likewise, there’s a gray button which you use to stop the recording.

With the recording module, you have the option of programming some hotkeys. Through this, you can always toggle any options using the keyboard or even the mouse buttons. It’s something which will make your work easier and also save time since you don’t always have to remember where you need to tap on the screen. Likewise, you can program some hotkeys for the editor as well.

However, the editing bit isn’t as simple to use as the other parts of the software. Likewise, you cannot control the audio, zooming, and panning.


12. Fraps

For the best game capture on Windows, Fraps is the best software to use. It’s amongst the first game recording software in the market. With Fraps, you gain the capability of tracking your frame rate thus being able to discern which changes you can make in the game to have a better experience. More so, the software provides you with suggestions as to some of the things you can adjust in the game for the best gameplay.

When recording your content, you get the ability to have custom resolutions. Meaning that you can record up to 4K, 120 FPS. Through this, you can have enough content which you can edit to your preference. More so, you always will be able to identify everything that’s happening in the game easily.

The main setback with Fraps is that it’s outdated, thus lacking some of the latest features which other game recording software offers. However, it’s still a viable option for gamers and professional users.